On October 25, 2022, in Vilnius, another conference was held as part of the international project "Youth Positive Potential" implemented under the European Erasmus + program. It was organized by the Pedagogical Psychological Service in Vilnius (Vilniaus pedagogine psichologine tarnyba) in cooperation with EIIP.



The participants were representatives of schools, the city of Vilnius and the Lithuanian Ministry of Education. During the conference, Dr. Szymon Grzelak introduced the assumptions of the integrated prevention model, and then presented the effectiveness of the Archipelago of Treasures® program on the basis of the results of evaluation studies. The Lithuanian trainers of the program: Lucyna Narkiewicz Skurko, Waldemar Chmielewski and Agnieszka Nowosławska summed up the experience of the coaching training and reported on the previous stages of the implementation of the Archipelago of Treasures® in Vilnius schools.

In the next two days (October 26-27, 2022) the first group of Lithuanian trainers of the Archipelago of Treasures® was certified. It took place at the Polish school of Władysław Syrokomla in Vilnius. All five trainers showed great commitment, very good knowledge of the program and successfully passed the certification, obtaining a license to run the Archipelago of Treasures® program.