On September 26-29, in Malta, an international conference was held to summarize the next stage of the 3-year project "Youth Positive Potential" implemented under the Erasmus + program. 




It was attended by representatives of four institutions involved in the realisation of the project. These institutions are Life Network from Malta (project leader), the European Institute for Integrated Prevention from Poland (content leader), Vilnius Pedagogical Psychological Service from Lithuania and the Ostoja Foundation from Poland.

 During the conference, project partners summarized the development of the implementation of the Archipelago of Treasures® program in Malta and Lithuania. EIIP representatives presented selected results of research on youth from three countries participating in the project. The results of the training of the first teams of trainers in Malta and Lithuania were also summarized. The participants of the meeting presented proposals for adapting some elements of the Archipelago of Treasures® scenario to cultural conditions. On the last day, further plans for cooperation in implementing integrated prevention approach in individual countries were discussed. All partners wanted the cooperation to be continued also after the end of the current project.