Training course in survey procedures in schools and data coding Youth Positive Potential Project

(Erasmus Plus 2019-MT01 - KA201 – 051251) Vilnius, 24-25 February 2020

The training course was hosted by a project team from Vilniaus Pedagogine Psichologine Tarnyba, our partner in the above project. The course took place in the beautiful city of Vilnius, in the clinic located at A. Vivulskio g. 2A. The European Institute for Integrated Prevention had prepared training materials for participants, and was responsible for the content of the training. 



The set of materials included:

  1. Materials for schools (letter to school administrators, letter to the teacher; letter to parents; school survey timetable)
  2. Interviewer’s guide
  3. Pro-Inte 10 Questionnaire and an envelope for questionnaire sheets
  4. Interviewer’s report
  5. Excel sheet coding instruction
  6. Excel sheet prepared for the Pro-Inte 10 Questionnaire

The training course was conducted by Ewa Siellawa-Kolbowska, PhD, a sociologist from the European Institute for Integrated Prevention (Warsaw).

The course started with a warm welcome of the participants by Ms Roma Vida Pivoriene, Vilniaus Pedagogine Psichologine Tarnyba Director, and a few words by Ms Liucyna Narkevič–Skurko, Project Coordinator, who introduced the participants to the project issues and the research tasks of the Lithuanian partner.


The programme of the two-day training course in survey procedures in schools and data coding covered the following topics:

  1. procedures for arranging diagnostic surveys in schools, and the course of the questionnaire survey in classes
  2. a set of research tools
  3. the content of the questionnnaire and the format of questions
  4. methods of coding survey data in the Excel sheet
  5. methods of checking the reliability of coding


In addition to discussing the above topics, the training course included a practical part:

  1. reading and completing the questionnaire
  2. reading the data coding instruction, and coding the completed questionnaires in the Excel coding sheet
  3. checking the correctness of coding


There were six participants in the training course:

  1. Liucyna Narkevič Skurko
  2. Romualda Raguotienė
  3. Ieva Matulionienė
  4. Gintarė Šabūnienė
  5. Indrė Pajarskaitė
  6. Tomas Kelpša




The participants showed great commitment, and all of them actively participated in the training course. All important issues were discussed, related to conducting questionnaire surveys in schools and coding data from questonnaires. The research tools, i.e. the Pro-Inte 10 Questionnaire and the coding sheet, were practically tested.

The course ended with awarding the participants with certificates confirming their participation and acquiring the skills to conduct questionnaire surveys in school classes and to code data. The trainer, Ewa Siellawa-Kolbowska, on behalf of the EIIP, sincerely thanked the participants for effective cooperation, and the organizers for excellent training conditions.

As agreed in the project timetable, a pilot survey is scheduled in March 2020 in two 8-grade classes (14-15 years old students), in two Vilnius schools. The class questionnaire surveys will be conducted by the training course participants on their own. Good luck!