Youth - the future of the family and the society. Integrated prevention as a new, evidence based and cost-effective approach to prevention of youth problems and risk behaviors.
Organized by the Institute for Integrated Prevention in partnership with World Youth Alliance Europe


Target audience: Professionals and leaders working with youth, leaders of pro-family or parental organizations, social scientists, political or social leaders and other interested people.
When and Where: Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 18:00-20:00Avenue Churchill, 35, 1180 Uccle Bruxelles, Belgium
Language: English
Main organizer of the conference: European Institute for Integrated Prevention and Institute for Integrated Prevention, Poland
Contact: +48 793 354
Admittance is free.
Goals of the conference:
1. To share the best fruits of the 20 years of experience of the EIIP staff in research on youth and in guiding youth towards a happy marriage and family.
2. To invite participants to international cooperation.
Our fields of experience consist of:
•    The strategy of Seven Levers of Effective Prevention of youth problems based on results of scientific research and described in The Guidebook to Effective Prevention of Youth Problems (English edition: Grzelak et al, 2017) which can be implemented in every European country.
•    The integrated approach to research on youth and to prevention of youth problems which allows to measure and prevent many youth problems at  once (psychoactive substance abuse, violence, depression and suicides, sexual risk behaviours, etc.) and which can help in lobbing for better youth policies. This approach has been widely used in the National Program of Health 2016-2020 signed by the Prime Minister of Poland. 
•    The Archipelago of Treasures® integrated prevention program which is successfully conducted in Polish public schools for over 39 000 teenagers every year and which reduces: contact of youth with pornography, early sexual activity, drug and alcohol use, suicidal thoughts (the effects proven by evaluation research). The program is very attractive for youth and broadly appreciated by parents and teachers. 

Main speaker: The president of the European Institute for Integrated Prevention -  Szymon Grzelak, PhD
Since 2012 the Institute for Integrated Prevention has successfully presented its work at over 40 conferences (at the Polish Parliament, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the Chancellery of the President, the Polish Conference of Bishops of the Catholic Church, World Congress of Families in Budapest and many other conferences in France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Ethiopia).
Program of the conference:
Szymon Grzelak PhD, President of the European Institute for Integrated Prevention, Poland
17.30-18.00 Admittance of the participants
18.00 Lecture with PowerPoint presentation showing the research and practical experience of work with youth of our Institute and the science based recommendations known as The Seven Levers of Effective Prevention. These recommendations base on our 25 years long experience including: our own research on big samples of youth (N>10 000), our experience in work with youth (N> 35 000 every year), and the current state of research in the field of prevention of youth problems.
19.00 Presentation of the Human Dignity Curriculum by the World Youth Alliance
19.10 Coffee break
19.20 Discussion aiming at finding possible fields of cooperation based on the integrated approach to prevention of youth problems developed by the European Institute for Integrated Prevention.
19.40 Time for networking with a group of most interested participants of the conference
20.00 Closing of the conference
Materials available at the conference: 
The Guidebook to Effective Prevention of Youth Problems (English edition: Grzelak et al, 2017)  - a possibility to purchase the book, and to order it.
We would be grateful for transmitting our invitation to the professionals and leaders working with youth, leaders of pro-family or parental organizations, social scientists, and other social or political leaders interested in supporting youth development and preventing youth problems.
To get an idea of our broad prevention agenda, please watch the 5-minutes video:
A lot of information about us and our approach can be found on the website of:
-  the Institute for Integrated Prevention:
- our program for youth:
- the website of newly created European Institute for Integrated Prevention: